Brad Trivol is a ghost haunting Brie Meighsaton House[1].

Brad purchased Brie Meighsaton House from Creepser in 1950. Within a week, the ghosts of Brie Meighsaton and Henry Meighsaton forced him to commit suicide. Upon dying, Brad become a ghost and vowed to take vengeance on the two spirits responsible for his death. However, before he could, an exorcist bound him into the attic, playing Solitaire with a deck missing a card for all eternity.

When Beth, Brie, and Henry possess Angela, Torg, and Bert, Riff figures out what happened and provides Brad with the missing card he needs to finish the game of Solitaire. Freed from his task, Brad grabs Brie and Henry and drags them down into the Well of Ghosts.

When the house is trapped in the Never, Riff gets Brad to release Brie's soul from the Well so that she can order Wilbur to pierce the veil and send the house home. As the trapped spirits flow out of the well, Beth holds Brie in place until Brad can once more seize her by the throat and drag her away with him[2].


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