A mysterious, cloaked figure out for revenge, Blacksoul's secret is that he is, in fact, the Obsidian Teknokon, which is, in fact, controlled by Bun-bun's present self (the Bun-bun appearing in the Oceans Unmoving storyline actually being Bun-bun from the past, thrown into Timeless Space prior to the beginning of Sluggy Freelance). The robot used to follow Crazy Carver, but after Bun-bun climbed inside its head, it began to obey Bun-bun's orders, causing its shift to a more violent and vengeful "personality". Fearing anyone's reaction if they should see a second Bun-bun — including the reaction of his past self — he kept the robot and adopted the disguise of Blacksoul. As a Teknokon, Blacksoul also had the ability to fly, though he kept that as his secret trump card for a good time, pretending to move along the ground while actually hovering inside his robe on such a height that he appeared as tall as a human. He also possessed tremendous strength. Past Bun-bun won the ship Bloody Bun from Blacksoul in a card game, which Blacksoul intentionally lost. Blacksoul knew that his past self had escaped from Timeless Space but could not remember how, so he decided that the best way to escape was to follow past Bun-bun around until past past Bun-bun escaped. Blacksoul first attempted to do so as past Bun-bun's first mate, but after past Bun-bun threw him off the ship, he acquired a ship of his own and began pursuing past Bun-bun across Timeless Space. Finally, both were blown into the Oceans Unmoving and returned to their respective times by Uncle Time.

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