Black Magic Woman
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Black Magic Woman is the first story in chapter 10 of Sluggy Freelance, K'Z'K. Zoë tries to communicate her concern for Gwynn to Dr. Lorna, who spins it into Zoë being selfish. Shortly thereafter, Gwynn reveals her newfound magic to Zoë, along with its source, the Book of E-Ville, and threatens that Riff will die. Shortly thereafter, Berk goes hunting, claiming to save the world - and his quarry is Torg. In a fight with Torg and Aylee, Berk uses a strange device that freezes Aylee to the spot, and flees, complaining that he used his trump too early and that he went after the wrong person. Bun-bun follows the events with a game of chess, with the figures modelled after the cast.

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