Beth with face off


Beth with face on

Beth, full name Sara Elizabeth Kolby, is a ghost who haunts Brie Meighsaton House[1].

Beth is the least violent of the four ghosts who haunt the house rather than being trapped within the Well of Ghosts below. She mostly just wanders the house at night sobbing with her face peeled off, revealing the skull beneath. When Torg and his friends move into the house, Beth possesses Angela in the hope of communicating the fate that befell her and getting justice on the lingering ghosts of the perpetrators.

Long ago, Beth was in love with Henry Meighsaton, and tried to dissuade him from marrying Brie Meighsaton. Brie, however, convinced Henry to kill Sara to prevent her from ruining their wedding. Though Henry attacked Sara in the attic, he lacked the resolve to actually kill her, and merely knocked her unconscious. Brie then locked Sara in a chest to starve to death. After the deaths of Brie and Henry, all three lingered as ghosts haunting the house. Though Beth was harmless, albeit creepy, Brie and Henry would force residents of the house to commit suicide.

Once Riff learns this, he releases the imprisoned ghost of Brad Trivol, the rage-filled spirit of a man who was driven to suicide by Brie and Henry. Brad takes his revenge by dragging the ghosts of Brie and Henry down to the Well of Ghosts to torment for all eternity. While this temporarily pleases Beth, it does not lay her to rest; nor does giving her body a proper burial in the back yard[2].


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