Berk appeared at first as Gwynn's annoying new boyfriend[1]. He spoke in a bizarre slang, acted generally disrespectfully towards people, and called Torg "Cupcake" for some reason.

In truth, Berk was an agent sent from the future by Dr. Schlock to prevent the freeing of K'Z'K from the Book of E-Ville. He was skilled in martial arts (enough to clash toe-and-toe with Aylee in her "flower"form) and armed with the time blaster, which could stop time for one being and thereby freeze any being subject to time for an undetermined period of, well, sort of time.

Berk's first target was Torg, whom data he had been given in the future suggested was the one who would free the demon. When he tried to execute Torg, Aylee intervened. In a quick reaction he almost immediately regretted since he realised she wasn't K'Z'K, Berk used the time blaster on her, freezing her and escaping. Next he tried to kill Gwynn after seeing she was the one using the Book of E-Ville, but Riff intervened and stunned him with the Omnitaser Supreme. The heroes kept Berk tied to a chair and found out his background from his possessions. He got loose and escaped, only to be killed by a demon-possessed Gwynn almost in passing. Upon his death, he came back as a deadel for just a second before Torg shot him in the head again[2].


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