Basphomy is the former patron of Halloween. When she ruled the Holiday, it was a day of true fear and horror. The council voted to remove her powers when she became too dangerous, and the Pumpkinheaded King of Halloween keeps the Obsidian Gate up out of fear of her. She has the power to expose her enemies to their greatest fears, as well as communicate through dreams. She is very ambitious, and helped Bun-bun kill the Pumpkinheaded King. Bun-bun feared her ambition, however, and upon acquiring godlike powers after killing Santa Claus, he trapped her and her minions in an Obsidian cage, to be released only every October 31st.

It has been revealed that she was created as a servant by Dunuloa at the end of the Mohkadun arc,[1] with the name Bast and "all [Dunuloa's] darkness", though her presence that early in time is somewhat at odds with Basphomy herself stating "[her] time was just beginning" during the events of the 2nd egg in the opening scene of Holiday Wars: Christmas arc. [2] She has stated that she had "evolved" from Bast to Basphomy, though the specifics of this have not been clarified. She remains relatively loyal to Dunuloa.

She and her minions were later released from imprisonment in the Obsidian Cage, not when the final Deus Ex Ovum was used by Bun-Bun to reset the holidays, but by fellow Dunuloa-made construct-life Mr Stiks[3] thanks to a loophole in Bun-Bun's cage edict, which had been affected by the holiday reset.

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