Chapter 59: bROKEN
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bROKEN is the 59th chapter of Sluggy Freelance. It is one of the more serious chapters, and introduced multiple plotlines and conflicts.

Year in the Life of a VillainEdit

In which Dr. Schlock reminisces over the past year in charge of Hereti-Corp.

*Winter Holiday 2008 (and some 09) Random Extravagnza!*Edit

In which holiday drawings are created as filler.

Interweb with the VampireEdit

In which Sam returns and converses with Torg.

The Spider's ApprenticeEdit

In which the Fate Spider returns and reveals a fatal tangle in the web of fate.

To The Zombie Fun LabEdit

In which Torg, Riff, and Gwynn find a new companion.

The Phoenix UnleashedEdit

In which Oasis' full fury is released.

The Breaking BulletEdit

In which someone dies, and someone else goes insane.


In which questions are answered, and more are raised.

*'Sometime in the Recent Past' Week(s)*Edit

In which someone gets sick.


In which two favorite characters disappear.

Picking up the PiecesEdit

In which Torg gathers old friends to help him in a rescue operation.

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