Aylee Cocooned!
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Aylee Cocooned! is the fifth story in chapter 7 of Sluggy Freelance, Summer Vacation. As Torg is on the phone with a client, Aylee's cocoon explodes, and she comes out with a snake-like form. When she tenses up, she grows claws and piercing spines, which she believes make her look like a flower. Riff sees this new form as a clear danger, and once more prepares to destroy her, especially when Aylee accidentally injures Torg.

Bun-bun manages to catch the attention of a ship by lighting the other marooned man on fire. His attempt to hijack the ship for a travel to Tijuana fails, and he contents with the ship bringing him home. The animosity between Zoë and Valerie continues to grow.

The 1st anniversary comic takes place during this chapter and begins the tradition of flash animated comics of one (or more) of the characters singing a song to celebrate (usually to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow).

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