Chapter 52: Aylee
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Aylee is the 52nd chapter of Sluggy Freelance. It deals with Aylee's ultimate choice: whether to stay with her human friends or to go to be with her own kind.

Lies WithinEdit

In which an old friend is missed, thought to be dead, reawakened, and sent away.


In which Aylee and Torg manage to have fun in a post-apocalyptic world and Torg realizes something disturbing about her.

Lies WithoutEdit

In which Schlock goes on the run after Aylee's return, and is hunted by two shadowy agencies.


In which Aylee and Torg meet the last humans on alt-Earth.

*Bikini Suicide Sasha Days*Edit

In which Gwynn is jealous and creates a hairy situation for everyone.

*Heart of Hearts*Edit

In which Zoe's shoulder consciousnesses try to work together for her own good, and fail miserably

Mind (Continued)Edit

In which it is found out the last people on Earth aren't really from Earth...


In which Aylee must make her final decision.


In which Aylee's true loyalties shine through, and battles are both won and lost.

The Halves and Half-knotsEdit

In which a simple magic trick goes horribly wrong.

Code BoomEdit

In which Aylee returns to where she belongs, and Schlock makes a shrewd business move.

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