This page list the stories of Sluggy Freelance in the same way they are structured in the comics own archive. Each story is briefly described here, with links to a more throughout presentation.

For a presentation of the different overarching storylines in the comic, see storylines presentation.

Book 1: Is It Not Nifty?[]

Chapter 1: Is It Not Nifty?[]

In which we meet our gang, painfully in most cases.

In which Satan possesses a computer.
In which Bun-bun joins the cast.
In which Bun-bun fights to remain the strip's cute talking animal.
In which demons are summoned for fun and profit.
In which Torg and Riff enjoy some sports and first meet Zoë.

Chapter 2: The Sci-fi Adventure[]

Riff's invention sends them on a space trek!

In which Riff and Torg Travel to the dimension of science fiction cliches.
In which Riff and Torg impersonate trained professionals.
In which Riff and Torg are hunted by a hungry alien for the very first time.

Chapter 3: Holiday Seasons[]

It's Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas, Sluggy style!

In which Bun-bun steals candy from children while the gang goes to a party.
In which Bun-bun takes part in cosmetic animal testing.
In which Zoe gets a job in show buisness.
In which PETA stops by for dinner.
In which zombies attack!
In which many running gags are born.
In which Zoe has too much to drink.

Chapter 4: The Slug-Files[]

Agents deal with an alien threat.

In which Torg goes on a blind date.
In which an old friend returns.
In which Aylee and Bun-bun fight.
In which the gang take a trip to Vermont for skiing and a psychotherapy seminar
In which an alien learns to drive.
In which the government cracks down on illegal aliens.

Book 2: Worship the Comic[]

Chapter 5: Valerie[]

In which Sam goes missing and the gang meets Valerie
In which Bun-bun hijacks Riff's Robot and kills the Easter Bunny.
In which Torg gets entangled with someone's wife.

Chapter 6: Torg Goes to Hell[]

In which Torg winds up somewhere unpleasant.
In which Parallel Dimensions lead to hilarious mix-ups.

Chapter 7: Summer Vacation[]

In which Aylee goes through some changes
In which a road-trip goes horribly awry.
In which the gang hits the beach.
In which Bun-bun is trapped on a desert island
In which Aylee truly blossoms.

Chapter 8: Vampires[]

In which things get serious.
In which a daring rescue is attempted and a great evil fought.

Book 3: When Holidays Attack![]

Chapter 9: Return of the Holiday Seasons[]

In which a werewolf fights a demon.
In which we flashback the horrible internetless 80s.
In which Torg and Riff get trapped in a cursed pyramid.
In which a british treasure hunter helps the boys out.
In which Gwynn has a new boyfriend and Torg goes feral.

Chapter 10: K'Z'K[]

In which Gwynn turns out to be a real witch.
In which Riff finds new and exciting ways to electrocute people.
In which Gwynn brings about The End.
In which puns save the world yet again.
In which Gwynn is in a coma and Marilyn Manson is blamed.

Chapter 11: Mecha Easter Bunny[]

In which Santa and the Easter Bunny form a deadly alliance.
In which Santa finally defeats Bun-bun?

Chapter 12: The Time Machine[]

In which Bert's world is a crotch and Zoe has a crush.
In which Zoe and Torg get a blast from the past.
In which we catch up with Sam.

Book 4: Game Called on Account of Naked Chick[]

Chapter 13: Loose Ends[]

In which Dr. Schlock is back... From the Future!
In which Bun-bun has amnesia and makes a very poor business decision

Chapter 14: The Storm Breaker Saga[]

In which Torg and Zoe discover the exciting world of medieval politics.
In which old enemies show up and complicate matters.
In which The Trents and the Mercians go to war.
In which K'Z'K steals the Book of E-Ville.
In which our heroes look for a book in a questionable cave.
In which the storm and breaker go toe to toe.
In which Storms break and bugs squish.

Chapter 15: The Isle of Doctor Steve[]

In which Bun-Bun, Kiki and Torg go camping, whether they like it or not.
In which Oasis is introduced, and the only man with answers is killed.
In which a G-g-ghost goes for Torg.
In which Aylee gets some help from a carnivorous mammoth.
In which there is a User Friendly crossover.

Chapter 16: 2000[]

In which a ball drops and the world ends.

Book 5: Yippy Skippy, The Evil![]

Chapter 17: Kiki's Virus[]

In which the Y2K bug puts Torg, Riff, and Zoe into a coma. And Bun-bun has too much rum.
In which the cure for the Y2K bug is found inside of a computer generated dream world.
In which Kiki's special friend is revealed.

Chapter 18: Love Potion[]

In which the demons in the Dimension of Pain play with a magical ball.
In which Gwynn finds a solution to her romantic difficulties. Um, well, sort of...
In which Pete disappears, along with our heroes. Whoever will replace them?
In which the aftereffects of the love potion are dealt with.

Chapter 19: K I T T E N[]

In which Aylee gets a new form and a new ability that causes everyone a great inconvenience.
In which Bun-bun takes a narrating gig.

Book 6: The Bug, the Witch, and the Robot[]

Chapter 20: On the Run[]

In which Torg, Riff, Zoe, Aylee, and Kiki, hiding from Bun-bun's revenge, relax in the Caribbean.
In which Bun-bun secures the services of a rogue cell of Christmas elves, led by Squishydodo, and tracks his quarries to the beach.
In which Qaboos Al-Fin helps Riff et al. to evade Bun-bun, while Dr. Crabtree attempts to find and eliminate Kiki.
In which Bun-bun, his targets, and Dr. Crabtree converge, and the plotline is resolved.

Chapter 21: The Hunt[]

In which Torg and Riff sit around and discuss kneecaps etc.
In which Steve Uozin attempts to defend Torg from Psyk and the Demon Spear Calmadar.
In which the protagonists get to know Sasha, grapple with ensuing emotional issues, and have a steak funeral.
In which the Black Ops Elves head to the North Pole to confront an alien menace.
In which Torg's Christmas present to Zoe curses her with a camel transformation.
In which Kiki is possessed by the ghost of Ayn Rand.  Story by Ian McDonald.
In which Aylee, Bun-bun, and Kiki pay a visit to Le Ski Lodge.

Chapter 22: The Bug, the Witch, and the Robot[]

In which K'Z'K-dominated Gwynn reaches out to her friends via dreams, and Riff builds the Mark-5 to defend against her.
In which Torg, Sasha, and Kiki visit Le Snootier to look for Oasis, but find Kusari and Hereti-Corp agents as well.
In which K'Z'K battles Torg, Riff, Aylee, and the Mark-5 physically and Gwynn mentally.
In which Torg witnesses a death at the hospital.

Book 7: A Very Big Bang[]

Chapter 23: Spring in the Air[]

In which Torg, despite Zoe's misgivings, introduces Gwynn and Sasha.
In which Bun-bun summons the Groundhog's Shadow and enlists the Black Ops Elves to work Easter with him.
In which Kiki pesters Bun-bun and Riff demonstrates some psychotropic drugs.
In which no-longer-functional mad libs are located.
In which a distressing discovery in Torg's office turns him feral.
In which Riff tells Torg of his experiences on a strangely allegorical island.
In which Aylee founds a web design company.

Chapter 24: GOFOTRON Champion of the Cosmos[]

In which Torg, Riff, and Bun-bun, fluxed into an alternate dimension, contend with the bounty hunter Lodoze.
In which the fluxees fall into the hands of Zorgon Lord Grater, the next target of Team Gofotron.
In which Gofotron battles the Zorgons.
In which Torg, Riff, Bun-bun, Lord Grater, and Princess-Princess travel to Chau-5, while Team Gofotron breaks in a replacement.
In which the aforementioned five escape a brawl with Lodoze by stealing his ship, and Zorgon Gola reveals his plan threatening the destruction of the universe.
In which sheer stupidity brings Zorgon Gola's plan to an unforeseen end, and our heroes return home.

Chapter 25: Changes[]

Concerning the development of AyleeOrgNet during the boys' absence and Zoe's life back home in Nebraska.
In which Torg and Riff secure new living arrangements.
In which Bert and Angela move in.
In which Torg infiltrates AyleeOrgNet to talk to Aylee.
In which character portraits are displayed.
In which Torg faces off against Isp, Osp, and the newly awakened Mosp in the basement, while Aylee picks off party guests one by one.
In which the survivors of the party recover and reassess their situations.

Book 8: Fire and Rain[]

Chapter 26: Brie Meighsaton House[]

In which the roommates uncover the mystery of their haunted house.
In which Bun, Bun-bun, is tasked with saving Christmas from Snowfinger and his cargo of mutagenic alien spores.
In which respect for vacation time requires LEGO comics instead of drawn ones.

Chapter 27: Fire and Rain[]

In which various characters reflect on Zoe.
In which Oasis escapes Hereti-Corp surveillance and sets off for Nebraska.
In which Zoe flees for her life.
In which Oasis suffers a paralyzing crisis of identity.
In which Zoe and Oasis are visited by a friend.

Chapter 28: That Amazing Chapter[]

In which Bun-bun has a snowball fight against the rest of the house.
In which Joe Sunday and Shirt-Guy Tom come to blows.
In which Reakk destroys Lord Horribus's crystal unicorn collection.  Art by Jeffrey T. Darlington.
In which Joe Sunday presents more filler strips.
In which Joe Sunday presents strips drawn and elected by Sluggites.

Chapter 29: Books[]

In which Bun-bun and Gwynn's attempt to banish the Groundhog's Shadow goes awry.
In which something happens to Zoe.  What did you expect?

Book 9: Dangerous Days[]

Chapter 30: Dangerous Days Ahead[]

Chapter 31: Torg Potter and the Sorcerer's Nuts[]

Chapter 32: Scary Chapter[]

Book 10: Ghosts in the Gastank[]

Chapter 33: A Seed of Knowledge[]

In which the alien Santa reviews the naughty vs. nice status of our heroes.
In which Bun-bun conspires with Kiki to kill Santa, and Torg tries to buy Riff a gift.
In which Bun-bun and the 2002 personage discuss the attack on Santa Claus, and then the outgoing personage of 2003 explains why he sabotaged the attack.
In which Stephen Hawking presents alternate outcomes to certain Sluggy storylines.

Chapter 34: Kesandru's Well[]

Book 11: The Holiday Wars[]

Chapter 35: Magic Flap[]

Chapter 36: Torg Potter and the Chamberpot of Secretions[]

Chapter 37: Holiday Wars: Halloween[]

Chapter 38: Holiday Wars: Thanksgiving[]

Chapter 39: Holiday Wars: Christmas[]

Book 12: Vampires & Demons[]

Chapter 40: Boys' Night Out[]

Chapter 41: Freelance Bums[]

Chapter 42: That Which Redeems[]

Book 13: Redemption[]

Chapter 43: That Which Redeems II[]

Book 14: Skulduggery[]

Chapter 44: Most Wonderful Time...[]

Chapter 45: Oceans Unmoving[]

Chapter 46: Living Conditions[]

Chapter 47: Torg Potter and the President from Arkansas[]

Book 15: Timeless[]

Chapter 48: Oceans Unmoving II

In which Bun-bun fights the Obsidian Teknokon and loses. The identity of the Obsidian Teknokon is revealed.

In which Kada finds Teknokon One, gains information from an old friend, and loses a new friend.

Book 16: Phoenix Rising[]

Chapter 49: Homeward[]

Chapter 50: Phoenix Rising[]

Chapter 51: Brain Games[]

Book 17: Aylee[]

Chapter 52: Aylee[]

Chapter 53: A Time for Healing[]

Book 18: Rise of the Clutter Monster (And Other Harrowing Tales)[]

Chapter 54: Mandatory Applause[]

Chapter 55: Torg Potter and the Giblets with Fiber[]

Chapter 56: A Time for Hair-Raising[]

Chapter 57: Years of Yarncraft[]

Book 19: Broken[]

Chapter 58: Fortune[]

Chapter 59: bROKEN[]

In which Dr. Schlock reminisces over the past year in charge of Hereti-Corp.

In which holiday drawings are created as filler.

In which Sam returns and converses with Torg.

In which the Fate Spider returns and reveals a fatal tangle in the web of fate.

In which Torg, Riff, and Gwynn find a new companion.

In which Oasis' full fury is released.

In which someone dies, and someone else goes insane.

In which questions are answered, and more are raised.

In which someone gets sick.

In which two characters disappear.

In which old friends are reunited for a rescue mission.

Comics not yet in books[]

Chapter 60: Paradise[]

In which Kiki torments Zombie Head on a Stick.

In which Riff ends up in an alternate dimension where drugs are used to keep everyone happy.

In which Gwynn fights in a gladiatorial arena in this guest artist story written by T Campbell and illustrated by John Waltrip.

In which Torg and the other minions of the Minion Master attempt to steal a displacement drive vehicle from a criminal mastermind (sort of).

In which Riff celebrates Christmas in 4U City.

In which The Valley that Time Forgot Lost in the Center of the Earth, is rediscovered by Father Time.

Chapter 61: Perspective[]

In which Torg comes back after an absence, and Bun-Bun leaves the group.

In which the Oasis Contingent reenacts some classic Sluggy Strips in WOW.

In which tales are told of Torg's absence.

In which Riff awakens to a new identity and new comrades.

In which a series of paintings of favorite characters is produced.

In which the stick crew escape their horrible fate to end up in a worse one.

In which secrets are revealed and Riff takes on a new mission.

In which the minions return for an operation against Dr. NoFun.

In which Pete gives us previews to exclusive stories in books and exclusive Defenders of the Nifty content.

In which Dr. NoFun's technicians fall prey to the Squid on a Stick, and Torg plans his escape (well, sort of).

In which Sam and Sasha go on a date, and Torg remembers good friends lost.

In which Pete gives his Sluggites some arts and crafts projects.

Chapter 62: 4U City Red[]

In which Torg attempts another offensive against Hereti-Corp, and Bun-bun expounds his philosophy on investments.

In which Dr. Schlock attempts to maintain control on Hereti-Corp.

In which the 4U City Revolution takes place. All over a lack of coffee.

In which Torg and Riff rehearse the best way to tell Zoe the story about 4U City. All in front of her while she's tied up.

In which more crafts are crafted.

In which everyone fills in everyone else.

Chapter 63: Safehouse[]

In which our heroes protect Zoe by trolling about online. And Torg plants a garden.

In which Bun-bun causes trouble. (Yes, we know, that's every chapter, but this one's all about that.)

In which Torg attempts to extract revenge for his decimated garden, and everyone becomes obsessed with a MyFace game.

In which the aforementioned MyFace game causes the zombie apocalypse.

Chapter 64: The Research and Development Wars[]

In which Hereti-Corp attempts to pick up the pieces and track down our heroes.

In which our heroes coordinate and collaborate with Crushestro. Sometimes with interesting headgear.

In which our heroes go in to rescue Sasha.

In which a long kept secret is revealed. Also, explosions!

Nofun comes out to play.

Hereticorp goes into attack mode.

Some loose ends.

What happened to Blinky and Clyde.

Chapter 65: Mohkadun[]

Intro to the beginning of the Mohkadun episode.

In which the characters for Mohkadun are introduced.

What Gwynn has been up to.

Someone's father shows up

Kiki and Zombie have fun.


Back to Mohkadun.

  • *Stick-figures-in-Spaaaaaace 6*

Events at the cargo ship to Tunesia.

Things are going very wrong in Mohkadun.

The gang arrives in Tunesia.

In which Gwynn has to deal with Farahn.

The gang uncover ancient Mohkadun.

Kozoaku is plotting.

Surprises at the camp.

Everything goes wrong for Krohnus.

In which everyone anticipates the rise of K'Z'K.

The fall-out of chapter XIII.

K'Z'K meets the Stormbreaker - again.

The aftermath of Mohkadun's fall.

The aftermath of the return home of the gang.

The aftermath of the fate-web.

Chapter 66: The Road to Bjorkea[]

  • Section 1: Zorg Might Never Exist
  • Section 2: Duck Duck Goose
  • Section 3: Toasted Marshmallows
  • Section 4: Hate
  • Stick Figure Weeks: The Harassers Part 1
  • Section 5: The Vault
  • Stick Figure Weeks: The Harassers Part 2
  • Section 6: Flower Power
  • Section 7: End of the Road

Chapter 67: Full House[]

  • Part 1: Closes to the Vest
  • Part 2: Mulligan
  • Part 3: Bluff
  • Part 4: Queen of Diamonds
  • Part 5: A Queen of Spades
  • Part 6: A King of Clubs
  • Part 7: The Gamblers
  • Part 8: All in!!!
  • Part 9: Cards on the Table
  • Part 10: The Shuffle
  • Part 11: Wild Card
  • Of Beer and Grenades

Chapter 68: The Circle[]

  • I: Alice and Eric Get Filthy Rich
  • II: Julia Montgomery's Worst Day
  • III: Lysinda's Favorite Haeddre
  • IV: A Doctor is Kicked Off the Board
  • V: A Vampire Struts and Frets on Every Stage
  • Interlude: Christmas and the Frog
  • VI: All the Eggs are in the Scramble
  • VII: Miss Abato has an Unexpected Road Trip
  • VIII: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
  • IX: A Rabbit Captures the Moment with Four Words
  • X: The One Atop the Pyramid

Chapter 69: Six Months Later[]

  • The Senator's Aide

In which a senator's aide loses everything.

  • The Crappers


  • Rutger O'Supp Must Come Down
  • Road Nerds

Torg and Zoe talk.

  • The Mystery Woman

An illegal casino meets trouble, and trouble meets more trouble.

  • The Villainous Mastermind

We meet again, dr. Schlock.

  • The Mad Scientist: Low Earth Orbit

Riff in space.

  • The Dead Woman

Infiltration at Hereti-corp, and a woman's mother.

  • The Old Guy

A really sweet story.

Chapter 70: Falling[]

  • Judgement Calls
  • Coffee Break
  • Fall from Grace
  • Off the Mark

Torg reaches out to Oasis.

  • Cliffhanger

Old lovers meet again.

  • As the Coat Turns

The return of an old enemy.

  • Nightfall

The gang makes a break into the harnass of Hereticorp.

  • Daybreak

Attack on Hereticorp.

  • Rise

Chen finds the laboratory of dr. Hereti.

Chapter 71: The Heavens and the Earth[]

  • The big picture

Finally the mystery of Oasis is revealed.

  • Entanglement

More about Oasis, and Kusari as well.

  • Sparkless void

Gwynn and dr. Schlock talk it over.

  • Tuberat and Fuzzbut

Kiki and Bun-bun save the day.

  • Of mice and other mice

The battle over the Hereticorp space effort comes to a climax.

  • The longest day

The fate of dr. Schlock and Riff is decided.

  • The rest

Chapter 72: Anima[]

  • Evolution

The gang is in an unknown dimension.