An Interlude in Vermont
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An Interlude in Vermont is the fourth story in chapter 4 of Sluggy Freelance, The Slug-Files. Dr. Lorna is the headliner for a psychotherapy seminar in Vermont, and invites Gwynn and Zoë along (to psychoanalyze them in front of the audience if she runs out of material), and bribes Riff and Torg into coming as well, with first class tickets (while Zoë needs to fly in coach) and a ski weekend. She wants Riff to attend an investor party however. Torg and Riff bring along Kiki and Bun-bun, who have to sit with Zoë. Unfortunately, Bun-bun stuffs Zoë into an overhead compartment, where she loses the return tickets, and she gets to the seminar late, where Dr. Lorna is her usual aggressive self.

Afterwards, the gang enjoys their ski weekend, with Riff using Bun-bun and Kiki to pilot the Clockjerk Riff to stand in at the investor party. General clumsiness and drunkenness on Kiki's part result in Riff's humiliation and being disowned. Zoë gives Riff and Torg the task to buy return tickets. A bad idea, as the two buy first class tickets for themselves, and need to buy coach for Zoë. They pay her back though, and agree to paint her apartment... with Torg getting more bad ideas - to paint Zoë naked, and paint her parents reenacting Rodin's The Kiss on the bathroom ceiling. Then Torg has to do a freelance job over a few days since Aylee forgot that humans need sleep. In his sleep deprivation, Torg agrees to teach Aylee to drive...

The storyline is interrupted with a "comic in crisis" segment, in which Qwirky Waltons and Stone Johnson report and "investigate" an alleged affair between Bun-bun and Cinny-bun. This ends with the cast declaring war on and destroying Dilbert, and the press moving on to the Spice Girls breaking up.

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