The version of Kiki that Torg encounters in the Dimension of Lame has much more in common with Bun-bun than Kiki. While almost physically identical to Kiki, she has a darker face than the original and yellow eyes. Tough, spiteful, and angry, "Alt-alt-Kiki" (as called by the fans) is able to fight the invading demons for a time relying mainly on her speed. Her difference from the other inhabitants of the dimension is later revealed to be because Alt-alt-Kiki is not a native but drawn by the local Riff from some other one to replace a dead "original". Alt-alt-Kiki is the only being to resist the invasion by the demons of the Dimension of Pain and is therefore turned into a demon by Horribus and the Demon Spear Calmadar[1]. At the end of That Which Redeems II, Alt-alt-Kiki is left in the Dimension of Pain with the rest of the demons.[2].


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