Alien Specious
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The first story of Chapter 53: A Time for Healing

Torg and Aylee return, without being caught by the government. Aylee changes form, resembling a female human. They first go to Monica's apartment, then to Torg's apartment. Gwynn and Zoë have both lost their hair: Zoë gnawed Gwynn's hair when she was a camel, Gwynn magicked Zoë's hair off out of anger. Zoë asked Gwynn to return to her job to bring money in. Gwynn was fired because she hadn't shown up for a week, and was replaced by Jane. Gwynn gets the job of the bookkeeper at Zomblebees. She asks Jane for her monkeys, but Jane denies knowing anything of monkeys.

Torg, Riff, Aylee and Zoë race with the inflatable hoverbikes. Gwynn is angry at being left out, but makes up later by offering pizza. She asks help for getting her monkeys back.

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