A Sluggy Mummy Christmas
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A Sluggy Mummy Christmas is the third story in chapter 9 of Sluggy Freelance, Return of the Holiday Seasons. Torg and Riff travel to Tunisia to find a pyramid in the hopes to recharge a wand that can turn objects and people into anything, angering Gwynn and Zoë. They quickly become trapped in that very pyramid and unleash a mummy, though they manage to befriend it. Gwynn first picks up black magic via a voodoo doll. Bun-bun plots against Santa Claus, who unleashes the Ghosts of Christmas on Bun-bun to distract him. Bun-bun "kills" the three ghosts, but Santa can carry out his duty. Unfortunately for him, Bun-bun set his plans in motion as well, and Zoë hears about an explosion in Santa's factory in the radio.

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