A Slice of Sluggy Life
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A Slice of Sluggy Life is the first story in chapter 7 of Sluggy Freelance, Summer Vacation. Zoë is doing badly in college thanks to her and Riff's efforts to save Torg from the Dimension of Pain and sending the alternate Torg they accidentally saved back to his home dimension. She worries how her mother will take it. She does manage to talk a professor into accepting the late term paper in exchange for a meeting with Dr. Lorna, which goes about as expected.

Aylee starts to undergo rapid transformations into various shapes, including a busty female form, an imp-like form, a Bun-bun-like form, and various dragon-like forms. Riff is concerned about this and starts making plans to kill Aylee if she becomes too dangerous (making him forget about a date with Gwynn). Aylee, however, cocoons herself as a larger change approaches for her, and leaves a note to that effect to Torg. In addition, Dr. Lorna fires Zoë and Gwynn for the time of her vacation, and so the gang plans to go on a summer vacation in North Carolina.

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