A Moment of Heroes
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Mosp attempts to kill Horribus, but misses the mark and is immediately killed by Horribus[1]. Torg and Alt-Zoë are attempting to climb the pile of bones while Horribus attempts to crush them with hurled buildings. As they attempt to get out of range, Alt-Zoë pulls back at a critical moment and is killed by Horribus[2]. Torg wrestles with the choice to turn back and fight Horribus or to continue to the top and free the goodness which is trapped in the Demon King's fridge. Torg, as he makes his choice utters the words, "Redemption is overrated." Pete Abrams later explains what he meant by that phrase[3]. Torg then decides to continue his quest and enters the Demon King's home where he finds another Torg trapped in the freezer[4]. Together they manage to free the Goddess of Goodness who takes them and flees with them towards the portal to the Dimension of Lame.


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