A Game of Chess
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A Game of Chess is the third story in chapter 10 of Sluggy Freelance, K'Z'K. While the gang decides to get the Book of E-Ville from Gwynn's house, the demon possessing her gets glasses. Berk breaks free, and Gwynn also finds out about Riff being at her house. Zoë tricks Bun-bun into helping the gang by making him think that the demon screwed up his masterminding. Torg escaped with the book, and in a later struggle betweeb Berk, Riff, and the demon, Riff escapes as well, but Berk is mortally wounded. As the demon chases Riff and Zoë, Bun-bun destroys the demon's glasses, and lures it into a Burger Meister meat grinder. Torg doubled back to Gwynn's house, where the dying Berk tells him about K'Z'Ks undead servants, the deadels that can find Riff, and that the Book may be their best hope now. The restored demon does in fact call up the recent dead, which now include Berk. Torg shoots undead Berk's head off, and everyone realizes that there is one way to lure Riff out of hiding - Riff's mother, Dr. Lorna. Riff decides to work a way to recharge Berk's time freezer to use it against the demon, while Torg tries to learn to banish it. The demon captures Dr. Lorna, and the gang meets at The Empire State Building.

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