A Delicate Spell... OOPS!
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A Delicate Spell... OOPS! is the sixth story in chapter 34 of Sluggy Freelance, Kesandru's Well. Riff, Torg, and Sam free Brie Meighsaton from Kesandru's Well, since she, as Kesandru's daughter, can command the Rayth Wilbur. Coerced, she complies, but Wilbur's spell goes off badly - the ghosts can finally go to their afterlife, but only slowly, which isn't enough to send the house home. Without the ghosts anchoring the house, the mind-wedgier tips it, but also holds it in a similar way as the ghosts did. Gwynn tries to go and battle the mind-wedgier, but Riff prevents her, and shoots it with a stake gun. The wedgier lets go, and the house returns. It almost appears as if the gang died, but they return to normal quickly, and they realize that they can live in the house for free now, with the landlord dead.

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Pain, the Angel of Goodness has taken over the Demon King's body, and Psyk, Reakk, Mosp, Isp and Osp try to steal back the Seraph-Slayer 3000, but find themselves with consciences, and are unable to steal. They try to tell the Demon King about the angel and their informant, but only succeed in outing Quxxle to the angel. The demons themselves are beginning to look like children, though Quxxle does seem unaffected mentally...

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