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This story deals with Bun-Bun leaving the Minion Master after a botched operation with Torg, Sam, and Kiki.


The story begins with Bun-Bun being interrogated by the Minion Master as to the whereabouts of Torg and Kiki. According to him Torg, Kiki, Sam, and Bun-Bun all went on a mission that the Minion Master knew nothing about. Bun-Bun and Sam returned a few days ago but Torg and Kiki are still missing. Bun-Bun replies that he left the two of them in blizzard and if they are in the same place they're probably dead. Bun-Bun then gets up and leaves, much to the Minion Master's disappointment. The only reason he was asking all those questions was because there was a Karaoke Band online tournament in a few minutes and without Torg nearby he wanted Bun-Bun to fill in as a bassist. Sasha follows Bun-Bun, who refuses to tell her anything about the mission because of "nerd-boy's orders". Sasha doesn't find it troubling that Torg and the rest of the minions go on Oasis-related missions without her, what she finds troubling is that Bun-Bun left the two of them alone out there. Sasha then prepares to go out and look for them, once more asking Bun-Bun to come with. He then comments that she must want to get out because she hasn't been doing anything. He noticed that she hasn't been working on her Dimensional Flux Tracker at all. She replies that she's waiting for them to steal the right breakthrough from another villain. Bun-Bun counters that she should be doing her own research but she can't because she's only an imitator. At this point Kiki shows up and informs them that she and Torg have returned safely. Kiki and Sasha then come up with the idea of pumping the music from their Karaoke Band tournament full blast throughout the entire base. A few painful minutes later all the band equipment is destroyed and Bun-Bun starts leaving. Bun-Bun tells Torg that after looking in the snow for Dr. Steve's lab for hours with only Sam and Kiki for company he's had enough and is leaving. Sasha remarks that she didn't know that was what they were looking for, and Torg tells her that it is absolutely imperative that the Minion Master be kept out of the effort. Bun-Bun then scathingly remarks that unlike Torg, he remembers exactly where the lab was and that it just isn't there anymore. Torg then reveals that over the past seven days he's collected a data disk from another dimension somehow. Bun-Bun doesn't care and continues leaving as the story ends.

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