A Beige Horn Mist
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A Beige Horn Mist is the first story in chapter 26 of Sluggy Freelance, Brie Meighsaton House. After a ghost dumped Torg into the basement at Halloween, the gang sets out to examine the hauntings of the Brie Meighsaton House. In the basement, they find a picture that shows that the house used to be the Kesandru House. Their landlord tells them the story of Brie Meighsaton and her husband Henry Meighsaton, and that she disappeared after their wedding. Shortly before Thanksgiving, Bun-bun leaves for the Caribbean, and on Thanksgiving, Riff is possessed and shoots Bert, but not lethally. At this point, the landlord also tells the story of Brad Trivol, who commited suicide in the house. Angela is possessed by the sobbing ghost they've seen, and with the help of the thieving medium Madame Jujube, the gang figures out that this is not Brie Meighsaton, but that of a lover of her husband, Sarah Elizabeth Kolby, or Beth. Torg is possessed by the ghost of Henry Meighsaton and Bert by that of Brie. The three possessed struggle with each other, and Riff figures out that the ghost of Brad Trivol is bound upstairs, and that he commited suicide to get at the Meighsatons. Riff frees him, and Brad drags the two ghosts down. The gang buries Beth's corpse, but her ghost proves unable to leave the house. Angela plans to move out, but just as Torg talks her into staying, she sees Bert's cat, causing her to go mad again and having to return to a mental institute. Riff wonders about the reason that so many ghosts have haunted the house.

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