A 4U City Christmas
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A short story about Riff's Christmas in 4U City.


The lighting of the year's Christmas tree is being watched in person by the mandatorily festive wassailers. They are administered a special holiday drug-brew with "just a hint of curry". The result is that all the attendees thought that the tree was going to eat them and ran away screaming. Meanwhile those at the chem-lab's party (including Riff) agree that adding the curry was too evil. The party goers inject themselves with their Christmas brew (which was actually the recycled "bad brew") and they run screaming from what they thought was a monster Christmas tree. It then cuts to Riff watching a show on opto-vision some time later about a young man who was judged for being sad. From then on the story consists of a truncated Christmas song by Torg and Riff and a "mandatorily merry" 4U City Christmas card from 758449 (Riff).

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