The embodiment of the year 2003, who can't even tie his shoes. He somehow managed to travel back in time to before Christmas 2003 and warn Santa Claus that Bun-bun, in spite of 2002's advice, was plotting to kill him through Kiki. Santa sent a Combat Drone down the chimney in lieu of himself, saving his own life (the first 2003 came from a future in which Kiki ruled Christmas). He then chastised 2002 for revealing himself. When, in the main timeline, Bun-bun's Halloween army approached Thanksgiving Castle, 2003 begged, in vain, for the alien Santa to use the final Deus Ex Ovum. After Bun-bun's deification, 2003 stole the Deus Ex Ovum and lured him to the Tower of Time. Aged and mere seconds from death, he allowed the Groundhog's Shadow to kill him, knowing this would seal Bun-bun's fate. After Bun-bun chose to use the Ovum and nullify all his Holiday powers rather than perish, 2003 was very briefly resurrected just in time to coronate 2004 before fading away.

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