*The Proof*
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The Proof is a guest strip about Gwynn and a magical gladiatorial arena written by T Campbell and illustrated by John Waltrip.


Gwynn is applying for what she thought was a corporate position, but it turns out that the company was run by beings from another plane of existance. Damon, a young spellcaster recognized her demonic possession powers and decided she'd be perfect for fighting in their magical gladiatorial fights. Gwynn is capture and forced to fight in another plane of existence. At first she did it for survival, but after three fights she begins to enjoy having the crowd cheer her on. On the eve of her last fight (after this one she could go home) Damon comes to her room and reveals that her previous fights were all throwaways and that the sport is fixed like wrestling. He tells her that her next opponent, Larry the firstnameless one, is far stronger than she is. Tomorrow she'll be the one who is handicapped and will barely be able to lift three pounds with magic. He tells her that the Book of E-ville can help her even in another dimension, she just has to focus. Instead she asks him to secure her a fair fight. He is unable to do so, but Gwynn had a backup plan. She use her handicapped powers to take Larry's glasses off and punches him right in the face. The book's power awakens within her and she grabs Damon and leaves the dimension, saying that he could stay with her and Aylee for a while. Her only condition is that he must get a job.

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