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Stick-Figures in Spaaaaaace 3 is the sequel to Stick-Figures in Spaaaaaace 2. It ran for 7 days, from October 22, 2007 to October 28, 2007.

The story opens at a Halloween party, where Torg and Riff recap events since the previous episode. Specifically, the crew has recently soaped the windows on a nearby Waneidalian trading vessel as a celebration of Mischief Night. Unbeknownst to them, their ship clock is wrong by a day, so Mischief Night is actually at the present time. 1-of-3 arrives dressed as an unconventional variety of "space ghost", reporting that the Waneidalians are coming after the ship with toilet paper.

Our heroes are unable to stop them from teepeeing the ship, but they do retaliate shortly thereafter by tiptoeing to the Waneidalian ship and marking it with shaving cream. The Waneidalians respond by pelting the ship with rotten eggs. Then Riff and Torg place a bag of bantha poo-doo outside the Waneidalians' back door; unable to set it on fire in space, they settle for ding-dong-ditch.

The Waneidalians' final prank is to assault the ship with whippersnappers, but, before they can attack, Torg sees through the Waneidalian space-shrub disguises and jumps into space with a shotgun to drive them off. Since he leaves both airlock doors open, however, half of his crew is unexpectedly sucked out into space. Torg, Riff, and 1-of-3 are subsequently banished.

Our heroes are picked up by the Waneidalians, who have synthesized food for them based on the "bag lunch" left by the back door earlier. The food is therefore utterly unappetizing.

The story continues in *Stick-Figures in spaaaaaace 4*: The Mercenary Days.

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