*Kiki + Zombie Part 1*
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A filler week where Kiki has fun with (torments) Zombie Head on a Stick.


This short story takes place during the events of bROKEN: bURNED, and begins with Bun-Bun leaving to fight Oasis, leaving Kiki alone. She decides to play with ZHOAS, first by playing Karaoke Band Hero, then by feeding ZHOAS head cheese (which makes her act like a pig), and finally by talking about some of the books that she reads. In them she talks about how her favorite character was killed off in a recent book and even though it was foreshadowed far in the past she was still upset. She then talks about how people shouldn't be upset at the author for writing about what happened, but rather they should be upset at the cause of death. (this is a clear allusion to bROKEN) The story ends with ZHOAS attempting to electrocute herself to escape.

The 12th anniversary comic takes place during this episode, with Kiki playing Karaoke Band Hero on the Playstashun 3, using ZHOAS as one of the drumsticks.

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