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Basically a filler week, it deals with an outbreak of Swine Flu in Torg and Riff's town sometime before the beginning of bROKEN.


The story begins with Torg lamenting that everything in town has been closed off, when Riff mentions that there will be a beer garden event a few towns over. Riff then asserts that they won't be going without disease protection, and produces a water gun loaded with hand sanitizer. Torg realizes that he shot Bun-Bun with this same water gun while he was sleeping a few days ago. Later the two get back from their outing and it was revealed that it wasn't a beer garden, it was a bear garden. The flier they got was a fake, and it's instructions had them accidentally release black bears which attacked them. It was revealed that Bun-Bun had done this to get revenge, and had given Torg disguised written instructions to walk into an elevator shaft. Someone else called Tim Dooders was set up by Bun-Bun in this manner because he owed him money. Torg fell on him when going into the elevator shaft. Later that same person died from his injuries and from swine flu. The next day Torg comes down with the flu and Riff sprays him with the sanitizer-gun. Bun-Bun remarks that he was shot with a similar gun, telling Riff that if he was truly innocent you have nothing to fear. Riff stays up all night in fear. In the morning Riff tries to leave for some coffee but walks into a sharp stick held by Zoë who says that he cannot leave the house due to a town ordinance. Bun-Bun sprays the puncture wound with antiseptic, Zoë follows up by accidentally shooting Riff with lemon juice. As he is recovering Torg sneezes on Gwynn and Zoë and they leave. Later Riff and a recovered Torg run from a still angry Bun-Bun and wind up in a restaurant. It is then shown that the Tim Dooders faked his own death to avoid paying Bun-Bun interest on his loan, but Tim doesn't has sympathy for a woman that owes money to him and threat to spank her if she doens't pay him, much to Riff's anger. In order both to avoid Bun-bun's revenge and give Tim a lesson, Torg warms a "small woodland creature" of Tim's trickery, leaving him at the bunny's mercy.

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